Order Disorder is a web publication meant to break the boundaries of a traditional digital reading experience. Motion and interactivity are used to reflect Alan Lightman’s exploration of the complex relationship between order and disorder in his mind-bending essay about the nature of our universe.

The Problem

E-books/publications do not take advantage of the design elements afforded to them by their digital format and thus are a poor substitute for the physical reading experience.

Target Audience

Readers who enjoy thinking beyond their own world view and are looking for a unique reading experience.

My Role

Solo Project (web design, motion design, publication design)

Tools Used


After Effects


Time frame

October – November 2020

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What I Learned + Final Thoughts

While this project was originally supposed to be a print publication in my curriculum, I worked with my faculty to expand the possibilities of what a publication could be. I have always found the execution of e-books and e-publications lacking. There was no motion, no interactivity, nothing that truly took advantage of its digital format. This got me thinking—what could the publication design of the increasingly digital future look like?

I wanted to design a new type of content that was meant entirely for the web, not simply ported over from a print design, but not a typical website or online article either. I used scroll hijacking, which is usually frowned upon regarding user experience considerations because it is so unexpected, to create that important distinction: this is not a typical website. The arrows and dynamic progress indicator were used to reflect the physical interaction users have when reading a book where they must turn each page and can feel their progress in the thickness of the pages they are holding. While there is still much experimentation to be done, I am interested to see if a publication format like this could become commonplace as more and more content continues to move online.

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