Building a Brand That Is As Innovative as Its Technology


Smart home concepts from the 50s and 60s, promising automated cooking, cleaning, and care, have always intrigued me. Half a century later, and with access to technology beyond what we ever thought possible, the smart home has commercially stagnated — sure smart lights are handy, but is turning your lights on with your phone while you're standing right next to the switch really all that smart? The complexity and time-consuming nature of setting up current systems have overshadowed the simplicity and wonder of early smart home ideas.

Dōmi Home Automation revives this original vision, leveraging advanced technologies like LiDAR 3D scanning, ultra-wideband indoor positioning, and next-gen AI. Dōmi simplifies true automation, offering a range of products that integrate effortlessly with your home and devices, making complex automations accessible and maintenance-free. Automated automation — the future of the smart home.

My Impact

This project was completed entirely by myself, from the concept and product ideation to the brand identity, 3D modeling, and motion design.

Building hype with a product promo video

By experimenting with the mix of 3D and 2D motion, bold typography, and a synced soundtrack, this promo video was designed to get people excited about the Dōmi product suite.

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