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The smart home concepts of the 50s and 60s have always fascinated me. While the technology was not yet within reach, they envisioned true automation—a home that could cook, clean, and take care of you. Half a century later, and with access to technology beyond what we ever thought possible, the smart home has commercially stagnated. Sure smart lights are cool and all, but is having to turn your lights on with your phone while you're standing next to light switch really all that smart? You can achieve some pretty complex automations with some systems, but those can take hours to install and even longer to program. So what happened to the ingenuity and wonder of early smart home concepts?

Enter Dōmi Home Automation. With emerging tech like LiDAR 3D scanning, ultrawide-band indoor positioning, and next-gen artificial intelligence, Dōmi allows anyone to achieve true automation without the need for complex installation or constant maintenance. Dōmi's diverse range of products seamlessly integrate with your home and your personal devices to automate everything for you. Automated automation—the future of the smart home.

The Problem

To achieve true home automation with the existing options, one must buy devices from dozens of different companies, have the technical knowhow to integrate them with a complicated system, spend hours setting up automations, and constantly manage everything from a complex dashboard.

Target Audience

Home owners/renters who are interested in smart home technology, but are reluctant or unable to undertake the advanced set up.

My Role

Solo Project (concept/innovation, feasibility, brand identity, industrial design, digital product design/UI/UX, user testing, packaging design, motion design)

Tools Used



Fusion 360


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects


Time frame

Spring 2021 (ongoing)

This Project is ongoing

If you want to see how it is progressing, please reach out using the links below! The final project will be updated here in May 2021.

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